Republic of Texas 1 oz 2010

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The Republic of Texas is a political movement that advocates for the secession of the State of Texas from the United States of America. In fact, their members believe that Texas has never been lawfully annexed by Treaty to the United States. They argue that the 1845 annexation was invalid, because the elected officials in Texas, who agreed to the annexation to the Confederation, were never authorized to give up the sovereignty of the republic of Texas, which rested solely on the Texan citizens.

In addition to pursuing the independence of Texas, the Republic of Texas is against the perceived manipulation of the US currency by the Federal government and it seeks to produce an alternative currency in valuable materials (copper, silver and gold) that gives individuals the opportunity to invest in a currency that is not regulated or manipulated by the Federal government.

This is one of such coins. It commemorates the Battle of San Jacinto, which was fought on April 21, 1836 between the Texian Army and General Antonio López de Santa Anna’s Mexican forces during the Texas Revolution. Texas won the battle, which lasted only 18 minutes. Texas’s victory resulted in the signing of the Treaties of Velasco on May 14, 1836. Santa Anna was forced to withdraw his troops from Texas and in return for safe passage back to Mexico, was to lobby for the recognizance of Texas as an independent nation by Mexico.

The obverse of this coin features an outline of the original boundaries of the Republic of Texas placed just behind the Lone Star, which symbolizes the former independent republic and its struggle for independence from Mexico.

The reverse features an illustration of the Treaty of Velasco, bearing the words “…and the Lord brought about a great victory that day,” placed just above the words “Birth of a Nation.” “Battle of San Jacinto” is placed at the top.


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Year 2,010
Material Copper
Condition UNC
Denomination 1oz
Mintage Unknown
Diámeter (mm) 39 mm

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