Ile du Lys 100 francs 2015

Ile du Lys 100 francs 2015

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Lis Island (French: Île du Lys) is part of the Glorioso Islands archipelago located northwest of Madagascar currently being administered by France.

The island is uninhabited, has a prominent hill of sand and saltwater lagoon. The island has great ornithological importance.

Philibert Commerçon (France 1727, Mauritius Island 1773) was a French naturalist, known to accompany Louis Antoine de Bougainville on his journey of circumnavigation between 1766 and 1769.

He studied medicine and botany, and for a time worked as a doctor. In 1766, he Commerçon participated with Bougainville in his voyage of circumnavigation, and among the wildlife that Commerçon observed was a particular kind of dolphin in the Strait of Magellan that now bears his name, Commerson's Dolphin. Throughout the trip he collected plants from each place he visited.

Commerson died in Mauritius at the age of 45 years. His widow returned to France years later bringing the 6000 plant species that had collected between the two and becoming the first woman to complete the circumnavigation of the world.

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Year 2,015
Condition UNC
Denomination 100 francs

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