Republica De La Parva Domus Magna Quies 10 Pesos 2003

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Located in the Punta Carretas district of Montevideo (Uruguay) it was founded by Jose Achinelli in 1878 being one of the oldest micronations of the world. Their credo alludes to Tolerance, Friendship, Fraternity, and Equality. After World War I, they wanted to emulate the Swiss and form their own type of Dadaist movement (which was founded in Zurich); at the time, Uruguay was considered the “Switzerland of South America” (due to its social peace, its relatively stable democracy, and its advanced level of economic development). The Republic is reminiscent of a “secret society”, and it is surrounded by a myth of impenetrability. Their membership is restricted to those of the masculine gender, and its members have included some of the most illustrious names in the field of academia, the arts (painters, photographers, singers, musicians, actors), science, and high-society (including some millionaires). Even though one of the articles in their Constitution states that “Neither women, nor animals, nor inferior beings” are admitted inside, females are actually allowed entrance twice a year, for a special dinner.


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Year 2,003
Denomination 10 Pesos

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