Empire of Atlantium 30 Solidi 2011

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Founded on November 27, 1981 (which corresponds to 3 Decimus, 10500) by George Francis Cruickshank (Emperor of Atlantium), this one of the most famous and important micro-nations of the world. Based in a 61 square-meter enclave in Sydney (Australia) it has hundreds of inhabitants in a few dozens of countries.

This new issue from 10530 (the year 2011), cupronickel and gold-plated, features Emperor George II on the obverse, and an Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquila audax) on the reverse.

Additional product information

Year 2,011
Material Copper-Nickel/Gold plating
Condition UNC
Denomination 30 Solidi
Mintage 250
Diámeter (mm) 38mm

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