Cape Cod 2 shells 2012

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The Cape Cod is a cape in the easternmost portion of the state of Massachusetts, in the Northeastern United States. Cape Cod has been the home of the Wampanoag tribe of Native American people for many centuries.

This coin is the official currency of the Cape Cod C Shell Community Barter, a recently established barter community dedicated to keeping wealth within the community. The Cape Cod C Shell can be used by anyone to purchase goods and services from any merchant in the C Shell community.

The Cape Cod C Shells medallions represent the Quahog clam shell, a traditional form of currency previously used by Indian tribes who lived around the Eastern seaboard. The shell was cut and polished into pieces called Wampum and these pieces were accepted as currency.

The obverse features a fine rendition of the Quahog clam shell. On the reverse, a geographic outline of Cape Cod Bay partially encompassed by the uniquely labeled marketplace value “Two Shells”.

Additional product information

Year 2,012
Material Copper
Condition UNC
Denomination 2 shells
Mintage Unknown
Diámeter (mm) 39 mm

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