Dakpanyiri Tribe 1 Jiibaani 2010

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The people of Dakpanyiri hail from Domawa near Dorimon and are believed to be part of the Ewaala in Ga today. This noble tribe is among the royals of present day Dorimon, even though they do not have access to the throne in Ga. They speak the same dialect and respond to the same appellations as the Ewaalas. One significant reason given to their lack of access to the Ga throne is that they did not come to present day Ga with other tribes around the same time. So the Ga skin remains a preserve for the three other brethren tribes.

Meanwhile, over the years, numbers of this tribe have increased but with great set back that continues to relegate them to the background on issues bothering on the chieftaincy institution in Ga. They are grossly engulfed by poverty and illiteracy which never allow them to realise themselves.

Peasant farming remains the main economic activity, with shea nut picking and butter production a preserve for the women. This tribe has also produced the greatest hunters and best shooters ever in the history of Ga and its neighbourhood. Quite a number of them participated in both the first and second World Wars. Their great grand ancestor, Nyagmah Yuoni was a renowned hunter and a traditionalist. Tradition remains very strong both in their lips and deed. The traditional ancient religion is also practiced among these people.

Additional product information

Year 2,010
Material Copper-Niquel/Gold plating
Condition UNC
Denomination 1 jiibaani
Mintage 20
Diámeter (mm) 26

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