Donwieyiri Tribe 1 Yiehun 2010

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Donwie and Banda are memorable names in today Ga, by the mention of Donwieyiri tribe. The tribe is blessed with soft spoken intellectuals and has produced one of the finest chiefs of Ga- Naa Sumani Ibin Banda.

Like the others, farming is the mainstreaming economic activity for the people of Donwieyiri. Their women engage in shea butter processing, petty trading and grain banking. The barter system is very much still upheld by the women traders. In addition, Ghana cedi and cowries are also acceptable for economic exchanges.

Customary practices of this clan are not different from their brethrens. In particular, Jenbenti as well as the widely celebrated Muslim festivals are enjoyed by the Donwieyiri people. Entertainment in the form of “dugu”, “gyasi” and “bawa” ensembles are commonly organised by these people during their happy moments and ironically during funerals too.

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Year 2,010
Material Bimetallic C-N/ Bronze-Gold Plating
Condition UNC
Denomination 1 yiehun
Mintage 20
Diámeter (mm) 26

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