Ewaala Tribe 1 ewai 2008

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The present day Ga is predominantly ewaala who are believe to have migrated from Dorimon near Wa to the western corridor along the banks of the black Volta. Ga is governed by a unified leader, the Yirininkpong, who is equally accepted by the entire people of Ga. The Yirininkpong thus is the most elderly (not necessarily in age) in lineage among the royal families of Ga.

Livestock keeping is their major economic activity. The land is also endowed with shea trees and fertile soil for cropping. Shea butter production is common among their women. They are commercially inclined with the Ghana Cedi as a medium of exchange. Cowries are also accepted for customary and sometimes business transactions.

The people of Ga mainly practise Islam as their religion. As a result of their religious background, they adopted Idil Fitr and Idil Adhar as their festivals.

Ga, like any other human settlement is not without development challenges. Lack of basic social amenities undoubtedly retards its development agenda. The people until recently prefer their male children following cattle to having formal education. At best they are sent to ‘Makaranta’ (Arabic school) to learn the Qur’an in Arabic. They perceive formal education as threat to their religious inclinations. Parents are thus reluctant to financing their wards education. More so, women especially those who lost their spouses are either coerced to remarry close relations of the deceased spouses or left alone to bear the burden of fending for their children’s (orphans) health, education and other needs.

The cosmopolitan Ga community with close to 5,000 residents has very limited sanitary facilities. There is only one place of convenience for the community and one eight seater KVIP (toilet) for the Junior high school. The primary school and others who the existing facilities are not accessible to, resort to the ‘free range’ system of defecating.

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Year 2,008
Material Bimetallic C-N/ Silver-Copper Plating
Condition UNC
Denomination 1 ewai
Mintage 10
Diámeter (mm) 38

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