Île Tintamarre 100 francs 2017 brass

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Île Tintamarre is a small island in the Caribbean Sea, about 3 kilometres from the island of Saint Martin. It is administered as part of the French overseas collectivity of Saint Martin, and the coastline is owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral and is part of the terrestrial domain of the "National Nature Reserve of St Martin". As such, space and nature are protected by specific regulations.

Between 1946 and 1950, it was the base for the airline Compagnie Aérienne Antillaise, which flew planes from the airfield creted by pilot and adventurer Rémy de Haenen. Following the creation of the track of Grand Case (in Saint-Martin), that of Tintamarre had no more place to be and was abandoned.

Two-thirds of the island is covered by a forest containing Gaïacs (guayacan, a protected tree), the rest being savanna of short grass quite impenetrable except for goats, lizards, common iguanas, crabs and ground turtles. Among the seabirds that come to nest there, we can find the beautiful Straw-tail and Brown Noddy.

Additional product information

Year 2,017
Material Bronze
Condition UNC
Denomination 100 francs
Diámeter (mm) 25

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