Sorrento 1 marengo 1971

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Sorrento is a small town in Campania, southern Italy.

Sorrento has had an intense history during the Middle Ages. It was conquered and ruled by the Western Romans Empire, by the Ostrogoths, the Byzantium Empire and attacked by the Lombards, the Amalfitani and the Saracens. It was later established as an independent duchy and became part of the Kingdom of Sicily in 1133 when it was conquered by the Norman Roger II of Hauteville.

Sorrento, as part of the Kingdom of Sicily, was ruled by the Crown of Aragon from 1409 until 1516. Subsequently, it was part of the Kingdom of Spain until 1707. The Spaniards would resume its control of Sorrento in 1735 (following a brief annexation of the town to the Houses of Savoy and Habsburg), with the King Charles VII of Naples and Sicily (the son of Philip V of Spain) as the town’s ultimate ruler.

In 1861 Sorrento was officially annexed to the new Kingdom of Italy.

In the following years it confirmed and increased its status of one of the most renowned tourist destinations of Italy, a trend which continued into the 20th Century.

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Year 1,971
Material Silver
Condition UNC
Denomination 1 marengo
Mintage Unknown
Diámeter (mm) 30 mm

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