Naajeri Tribe 1 eche 2008

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Naajeri is one of the three royal gates in the Wa traditional and chieftaincy system. With their traditional and administrative capital at Yaru, the people of Naajeri are spiritually dominant among their co-equals. They have produced one of the greatest leaders in the Waala tradition: Wa-naa Sidiki Bomi. Polee is a humble village with total population of about 1,500 residents. The rugged terrain of Polee makes one easily suspect of mineral deposits, though this has not yet been confirmed. The community is located between Wa Municipality and Wa West district, a few kilometres away from the Wa-Kumasi trunk road to the west.

The people of Polee engage in farming and river fishing. Sorghum, legumes and yams are their main food crops, with shea nuts being their cash crop. Livestock is also kept on quite substantial scale. They also weave baskets, and ‘zana’ mats.  The Ghana cedi is the official currency yet cowries are also used certain transactions.

Naajeri has a rich cultural display especially during funerals and festivals such as the Dumba and Jinbenti. Special feasts are like fried ‘bonbo’ and kaanha (bean cake) are served during funeral rites of any the royals.  

Rural urban drift among the youth is very high as the illiteracy rate among them is close to 90%. Guinea worm until recently was very common among them, because they lack portable sources of drinking water. As at now this community can not boast of a single borehole. Children have to foot a five kilometre distance each day to attend school, and likewise for health a primary facility. Environmental conservation is not to known to the people of Polee as most of the also rely on charcoal burning for a living. Trees are indiscriminately felled without any replacement.


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Year 2,008
Material Copper-Niquel/Silver Plating
Condition UNC
Denomination 1 eche
Mintage 10
Diámeter (mm) 38

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