Ncham Tribe 3 peuhl 2008

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The Ncham tribe, with less than a thousand members, is one of the multiple tribes of The Gambia. They are closely related with the Bassari people of the South-East of Senegal and those of other West African countries. It is believed that the Bassari community has around 28,000 members, highly dispersed all over West Africa.  The Ncham speak Bassari and they are primarily animistic, in spite of the high influence of muslims and christians in their lives. The Ncham villages (which are governed by a group of elders from the aristocratic caste) are very small and rarely have access to basic services, such as health or education. The Government and the Catholic Church run some schools in nearby villages, but the Ncham’s youngsters do not normally attend any of these schools, due to lack of resources and the fact that they are needed to help their families in the community farms. Nchams are basically farmers; livestock keeping is another major economic activity and a basic source of meat. Several NGOs work with these communities, although resources have proven to be insufficient to achieve any visible development. A significant part of the proceeds will go to local charity projects.

Additional product information

Year 2,008
Material Nickel
Condition UNC
Denomination 3 peuhl
Mintage 10
Diámeter (mm) 30

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