State of Numisma 10 numismaru 2010

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Numisma is a virtual state in which its citizens live all over the world -every numismatist may call himself a citizen of Numisma.

Numisma,ru, an internet-site, is the home of the micronation, the State of Numisma, a place where collectors from all over the world can meet.  Dated from 2010, this Proof brass coin was made in honor to the tenth anniversary of this site, and was struck at the Moscow mint.

A world map is represented in the obverse, with the country’s name, “State of Numisma” above the map, and this inscription below: “Tenth Anniversary 2000-2010”.

The reverse has the motto “UNUSUAL as ORDINARY”, the coin’s face value “10 numismaru”, and ten stars which symbolize the ten years life of the site.

The motto "UNUSUAL as ORDINARY" means that nowadays numismatics is beyond the scope of the concept of an ordinary coin. There are a lot of unusual coins which are the subjects of collections of many numismatists.  

Additional product information

Year 2,010
Material Brass
Condition PROOF
Denomination 10 numismaru
Mintage 300
Diámeter (mm) 30 mm

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