Añasco 1 Peseta 2009

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Añasco 1 Peseta 2009

Añasco is known as “La ciudad donde los dioses murieron” (the city where the gods died).

The town was founded in October 18, 1733 and named after Don Luis de Añasco from Extremadura province Spain. Don Luis de Añasco (who also founded Rincón in 1771) was from neighboring San Germán el Nuevo and proprietor of the land where the town of Añasco was founded in 1733 by initiative of the rich landowner Don José de Santiago. This property was located on the margins of the rio Guaorabo (this is how the river was called by the Taínos), today known as Rio Grande de Añasco. The Añasco River was also the famous historical site of the Indian drowning of the Spaniard Diego Salcedo in 1511, proving the Spanish Soldiers were not gods as had been earlier believed by the Taino Indians. A revolt soon arose being lead by the Taínos Cacique Chayoán and suppressed by Spanish soldiers.

This coin belongs to the series of “Pesetas Boricua” of the island of Puerto Rico, very popular in the Caribbean Island.

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