Bayamón 1 Peseta 2009

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Bayamón 1 Peseta 2009

Bayamón is a municipality of Puerto Rico located on the northern coastal valley.

Bayamón is sometimes called "El Pueblo del Chicharrón" (Pork Rind Town) and "El Pueblo del Tapón" (Town of the Traffic Jams) because of the constant traffic jams that plague the city. Juan Ramírez de Arrellano established Bayamón as a town on May 22, 1772. It derives its name from the local Indian chief Bahamon or from the Taíno Taíno word Bayamongo, which is the name of the main river that crosses the city.

Bayamón is Puerto Rico's second largest city, and is situated in what is considered to be the island's metropolitan area.

This coin belongs to the series of “Pesetas Boricua” of the island of Puerto Rico, very popular in the Caribbean Island.

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