Holy Empire of Reunion, 1 Cifra 2009

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Holy Empire of Reunion, 1 Cifra 2009

Réunion was founded in August, 1997, and since then has acquired members from all over the world, having been portrayed by international media (in the New York Times, La Repubblica and La Liberation among others), and mentioned in most of the bibliography about the subject of micronationalism.
Second oldest lusophone micronation, Réunion is considered a "school of micronationalists". Through its history, it has annexed and given birth to many micronations, such as Choconia, Soveraat, Pasargada, Male Caliphate, Valsgraphenstein, Allameigh, Ludonia, Porto Claro and many others. Pasargada is the most famous daughter nation of Réunion.
The country is an active member of many Leagues of Micronations, such as the League of Secessionist States, the League of Micronations, Comity of Peoples and others.
The nation has 744 subjects and this piece is the first coin ever produced for this Micronation.


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