Sandaayiri Tribe 1 sanda 2010

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Saandayiri is one of the four tribes of Ga, which also has access to the throne of Ga traditional area. The tribe is named after its founder, Saanda, several centuries ago. The gate is acclaimed to be the eldest, but the least in number, among the three royal gates of Ga. It has produced the first chief of Ga, Ganaa Cameroon Mahanma, who was a veteran soldier of the First World War.

Farming and petty trading are their main economic activities. They produce both food and cash crops like sorghum, millet, rice, or groundnuts. They also embark on livestock keeping as part of their economic livelihood. The Ghana cedi is their main medium of payment. Cowries and barter practice are also some medium of exchange acceptable by these people.

The Saandayiri people are predominately Muslims and as such their practices are in consonance with Islamic prescriptions. However, traditional considerations are given to selected aspects of their being, such as marriage, funeral rites and ancestral sacrifices. Most customary performances like funerals or festivals are characterised by drumming and dancing. Muslim festivals such as the Idil Fitr and Idil Adhar are adopted in addition to traditional ones.

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Year 2,010
Material Copper-Niquel/Silver Plating
Condition UNC
Denomination 1 sanda
Mintage 20
Diámeter (mm) 26

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