Sanuori Tribe 1 nuor 2011

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Sanuori community is a cluster, comprising Kouebour, Koroyiri, Sanuori itself averaging 34 households. It is one of the early farmer settlers within the Eduola jurisdiction. They are also part of the lager “brifo” group, but distinct from the people of Wechaubour, their closest neighbors. According to them, they come from farinsi, i.e. from one of the neighboring French speaking countries. They came to their present settlement in search for peace and farming land.

Sanuori, is situated to the eastern corridor of Ga town at a distance about 7 miles. The immediate neighbors are Wechaubour, Manyeyiri and Nyoli settlements. Their belief systems and religious practices are very not different from the most other ”brifos”.

Farming is their main occupation settlement of “brifo” origin. Livestock keeping, poultry, and piggery are other forms of agriculture being practiced. Their women also engage in Sheabutter and dawadwa processing, and petty trading to support household incomes.

The people of this settler farmer community are hardworking yet they lack a lot of basics in life. Child labor, teenage marriages, high school drop outs especially among girls, and rampant rural drift among boys are common phenomena in the Sanuori cluster. There is only one borehole serving the entire community. Cow boys during dry season have to travel several kilometers to Ga for the animals to drink.

The community has high hopes in the youth to turn their fortunes round. They believe that youth empowerment is crucial in drawing them out of poverty, ignorance and disease.


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Year 2,011
Material Bronze
Condition UNC
Denomination 1 nuor
Mintage 1000
Diámeter (mm) 30 mm

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