Tomboriyiri Tribe 1 mobiri 2011

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The Tomboriyiri clan of Ga is believed to have come to their present settlement because of his uncles the Eduola, the landlords of Ga.. According to history, they were among top class wealthy in Ga. Nowadays, the Tomboriyire are mainly farmers; they cultivate crops like millet, yam, and legumes; and they also keep livestock.

As the old wise saying goes, “no condition is permanent”; the Tomboriyire are now among the less privileged in Ga community with a lot of developmental challenges. They barely meet their basic needs of life as they survive on less than a dollar per day. Financing the increasing cost of education of their children, especially at second cycle and tertiary levels is another challenge they face.

Leadership among these people is based on seniority and not just on age. For instance, younger people would succeed in acquiring the “tendaan” title before older ones if they help the community most. Though majority of these people have accepted and practice Islam, there are pockets among them who practice the African traditional religion. Another interesting cultural practice among these people is the initiation of first sons and daughters of every man into adulthood. Sacrifices are made to Najieng –the god of children and prosperity-, to seek from their ancestors good fortunes like children prosperity for inductees. Inductees must remain chaste until such sacrifices else they will suffer childlessness till death.

Aside farming, petty trade among their women is another source of economic activity for the people. Apart from coins, cowries and barter are other common modes of exchange.


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Year 2,011
Material Bronze
Denomination 1 mobiri
Mintage 1000
Diámeter (mm) 30 mm

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