Torgu 1/2 ltr 2008 copper

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Torgu 1/2 ltr 2008 copper

Torgu is situated in Estonia, on a part of Saaremaa/Ösel Island known as the Sõrve Peninsula. This separatist Kingdom was established in September of 1992 with Mr. Kirill Teiter as its king. In October, the country's first elections (after Russian occupation) were held, and Mr. Teiter was elected as a member of the Riigikogu; including his own, the “Royalists” won 8 seats (out of 101). The results of this popular referendum were a great surprise. On November 28, Mr. Teiter was formally appointed king. On December 9, the Riigikogu approved a decision on the establishment of local government status to several administrative units, including Torgu. Though Torgu was not given full-blown Kingdom-rights, the king still achieved his goal, which had been to restore county-rights to the circa 500 citizens who would otherwise not have the right to vote in matters of self-rule during future elections. On December 18, he was crowned by the Saaremaa Selts (Ösel Society) during a coronation ceremony in Tallinn.


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