Varhus 1/2 Penny 2011

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Varhús is a northern island with steep inclines and grassy terrain dotted by small bodies of water that has been known since about 1370, according to records. Covering 3,128 acres, Varhús is an isolated island between Iceland, Norway and Scotland in the open seas. The name, Varhús, means Spring House, likely so named because of the stone one-room structure built around the strongest spring found on the island.

Varhús is known for its numerous springs found in the lower elevation areas. Some 16 springs are present, providing ample water for the community, for gardening and livestock. A hot spring is found between the two highest elevation hills. The inhabitants have built two rock bathing pools that overlook one of the island’s tiny coves.

Varhús has been a “free island” since the 1600s. As is the case with all islands in the North Atlantic at the time, each island had an owner. The people on the island had to pay the owner an annual ‘rent’ to live on the island. In most respects, these were tiny kingdoms with absentee rulers, although they typically had a home on the island that was occupied every year when rent collection was due. In many cases, the ruler used some of the funds collected to assist the islanders when needed.

The inhabitants are known for their light skin and hair with blue or green eyes. They tend to be tall and graceful. The population survives through self sufficient farming and raising animals including chickens, cows and sheep. The hardy islanders have for centuries worked in a cooperative manner, insuring the welfare of each member. Therefore  a tradition of social networking has been built, including frequent community dinners and dances.

Varhús is populated by folks thought to be descendants of Viking or Scandinavian origin. For certain, their language qualifies as a dialect of Old Norse.

The 1900s brought dramatic changes to Varhús. Ships began trading with the islanders and many of the young were lured to the great unknown world. The population, near 200,  began to decline rapidly.


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Year 2,011
Material Silver
Condition UNC
Denomination 1/2 Penny
Mintage 252
Diámeter (mm) 12mm

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