Wechaubour Tribe 1 kajour 2011

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Wechaubour is a farming settlement of “brifo” origin. They are a part of a larger emigrant group neighboring Burkina Faso and La Cote d’Ivoire. The community has about 23 households with occupant population averaging 300 people. Their present settlement and farmlands were secured from the Eduola of Ga.

The people of Wechaubour uphold in their believe system, their ancestral ties and often make sacrifices to their departed souls. So, aside the dominant youth Christian population, the elderly practice the African traditional religion.

Agriculture is their mainstream economic activity with emphasis on food cropping, piggery, and poultry rearing. Pottery and basket weaving are other economic ventures they engage in, especially women. While the Ghana Cedi is the official medium of exchange, barter system of trade as well as the use of cowries for customary and business activities is common practices among the Brifos.

The people of this settler farmer community are hard working yet they lack a lot of basics in life.  Child labor, teenage marriages, high school drop outs especially among girls, and rampant rural drift among boys are common phenomena in Wechaubour. Access to health facilities is limited as they travel a distance of about 5-7 km to the nearest health center.


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Year 2,011
Material Copper
Condition UNC
Denomination 1 kajour
Mintage 1000
Diámeter (mm) 30 mm

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