Dixie Dollar $50 2009

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This is one of the official issues of the Approved silver and gold currencies (AOCS) of North America. Founded with the aim of replacing the American dollar as the dominant currency system and implementing silver as money, it has grown in importance over the last number of years.
Dixie Dollar is privately-minted .999 fine silver currency for the purpose of enabling the Southern people to establish a sound monetary system free of the international banking cartels.
AOCS’ members claim that the American dollar is a mortgage on wealth that does not exist. Therefore it needs to be replaced by a proper currency system that protects wealth, as those based in silver and gold do.

AOCS have seen an incredible growth in use and popularity over the last years due to the financial and economic crisis.


Additional product information

Year 2,009
Material Silver
Condition PROOF
Denomination $50
Mintage -
Diámeter (mm) 39

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