Regency of Lomar 1 Kurant 2006

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The Republic of Lomar was created in 1997 in the heart of Silicon Valley (Santa Cruz, CA, U.S.A.), “by a small group of Catholic and Orthodox Christians” headed by Laurent Cleenewerck.

Lomar, which stands for “Libre Organisation Mondiale d'Aide aux Réfugiés”, evolved from an Internet-based micronation into a constitutional republic/non-territorial state; they are currently a small, transnational Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with diplomatic status. In March of 1998, the Republic of Lomar Foundation (Fédération Humanitaire Republique de Lomar) was legally and officially incorporated as a non-profit institution in Delaware (U.S.A.)

His Excellency Klaus Schlapps, was appointed First Councilor and President in December of 2003 and, in 2004, after his election, he became their Regent and changed ROL's “inappropriate name” from “Republic” to “Regency”.

The first coin issued by Lomar is a bronze 1 Kurant, dated 2006. Its obverse features the Great Arms of Lomar; its reverse shows an Arctic Wolf alongside the Star of Lomar (symbol of the Regency of Lomar). “‘Kurant’ was an old word for a medieval currency of exchange, and was also inspired by a famous Kurant Bank in Denmark in the 18th Century.

This “limited edition charity coin” also serves as a “community currency”; its “denomination of “1 Kurant” is equivalent to 12 Euros, considered fair wage for one hour of labor.”


Additional product information

Year 2,006
Material Bronze
Condition UNC
Denomination 1 kurant

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