Comuna de Pampapana 1 pampapano 2009 Copper

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These coins are the creation of Bill Turner.

Pampapana is a small community located in the mountains of the southern tip of South America, covering about 670 square miles. Some 50 families inhabit this distant outpost, all living on their ancestral lands and working cooperatively for the good of the extended family. It is believed that about 300 people live in Pampapana.

The population raises herds of vicuña, guanaco, llama, alpaca and sheep. Access to basic services such as education, transportation and health services is not available in Pampapana.

Pampapana rates as among the poorest locations on earth with the average per capita income of only about $25.00 US, per month. Since bartering is still a major factor in the economy, the per capita income is actually around $112.00 US per month.

Additional product information

Year 2,009
Material Copper
Denomination 1 pampapano
Diámeter (mm) 44

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