Arecibo, 1 Peseta 2009

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Arecibo, 1 Peseta 2009

Arecibo is known as “La Villa del Capitán Correa”, in memory of a battle fought successfully on its shores by Captain Antonio de los Reyes Correa and a handful of Spanish Army soldiers to repel a British invasion by sea lead by Admiral Whelstone in August 5, 1702.

Settled in 1556, Arecibo became the third Spanish settlement. Founded sixty years later, in 1616, when the King of Spain granted that section of land and the Indians on it to Lope Conchillos, under the governorship of Captain Felipe de Beaumont y Navarra. The leader (Indian chief) of these Indians was called Jamaica Aracibo, their yucayeque was named after him and ultimately the town was called by that same name.

The nearby Arecibo Observatory is known for housing the world's largest radio telescope.

This coin belongs to the series of “Pesetas Boricua” of the island of Puerto Rico, very popular in the Caribbean island.

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