Crozet Island 100 Francs 2011

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The Crozet Islands are a sub-antarctic archipelago of small islands in the southern Indian Ocean.

The Crozet Islands were first discovered on 24 January 1772 by the expedition of Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne, a French explorer. His second-in-command Jules (Julien-Marie) Crozet landed on Île de la Possession, claiming the archipelago for France. Marion du Fresne named the islands after Crozet, having already named Marion Island after himself.

France originally administered the islands as a dependency of Madagascar, but they became part of the French Southern Territories in 1955.

In 1938, the Crozet Islands were declared a nature reserve. In 1961, a first research station was set up, but it was not until 1963 that the permanent station Alfred Faure opened at Port Alfred on Île de la Possession (both named after the first leader of the station). The station is staffed by 18 to 30 people (depending on the season) and does meteorological, biological, and geological research, maintains a seismograph and a geomagnetic observatory.

This issue is part of a series of coins dedicated to French Overseas Departments and Territories.

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Year 2,011
Material Brass
Condition UNC
Denomination 100 francs
Mintage Unknown

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