Sultanate of Darfur SET 2008

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Sultanate of Darfur SET 2008

Darfur was an independent Muslim sultanate from 1596 until 1916, when the British expelled the Sultan of Darfur and incorporated the sultanate into Sudan.
Since then Darfur has been ruthlessly administered by the Arab-dominated government of Sudan, who committed major human rights violations over the years, targeting the majority non-Arab population of Darfur.
Over 400,000 Darfurians have died in the bloody and tragic war in the region and dozens of thousands of Darfurians had been driven from their homes, causing a major humanitarian crisis in the region. Unfortunately, the response of the international community to this crisis has been terrible and has had disastrous consequences for the population of Darfur.
The Transitional Darfur Regional Authority now governs the old sultanate of Darfur.


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